Ashland Child Development Center


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Our Programs

Preschoolers at Ashland Child Development learn in a fun, safe environment

Preschoolers at Ashland Child Development learn in a fun, safe environment


For preschoolers, every day is full of fun and learning. The Preschool at the Ashland Child Development Center combines these ideas for a fun setting full of learning - with some hugs thrown in for good measure. A typical day includes Circle Time and small group learning activities. We also focus on pre-reading activities, music and stories, art or craft project, afternoon nap, and free play time - both indoors and outside.

Children learn by doing, and each child learns at a different pace. Our preschool teachers provide learning activities that are appropriate for each child. We offer a variety of group and individual activities. Our play centers include areas for housekeeping and "dress-up," school and business, entertainment and music, blocks and puzzles, arts and crafts, and indoor exercise for development of large motor skills. We stress language development and pre-reading activities using the Peabody Language Development.

Our preschoolers expand their world with trips to the library, plays and presentations at the Paramount Arts Center, and other special field trips. On special occasions, they present music programs at local nursing homes and senior centers. Preschoolers also get the opportunity to go caroling in the Ashland, KY, area at Christmas.

Parents and family members play an important part in our preschool program.  Teachers send home a monthly food menu, as well as an activity schedule so you can keep up with your preschooler's schedule. We encourage our families to discuss the day's activities with your preschooler and have fun with some additional activities we send home. Reinforcing the lessons learned at preschool helps children retain the lessons. By beginning to discuss these activities now, you will set a foundation for discussions for years to come.


We encourage our parents, and even grandparents, to visit our center anytime. One caution, nap time is from 1 to 3 pm each day. Contact us for more information on volunteering at the center.