Ashland Child Development Center


1538 Central Avenue  Ashland, Kentucky (606) 329-1744




Caring for younger children requires special accommodations and a caring, supportive staff. To best provide for younger children, Ashland Child Development has a separate Toddler House specifically designed for this age group. The facilities and activities are designed to meet the needs of younger children in a safe, supportive environment.

Ashland Child Development Center provides top quality child care and learning for children beginning at six weeks of age.

The toddlers are a bit more active. We have a variety of learning/play centers designed to stimulate their curiosity. Our staff routinely switches some activities to eliminate boredom, including some seasonally themed activities. The children start the day with "Circle Time," sharing with their friends and teachers. Throughout the day, they learn and play with stories, music, and age-appropriate art and crafts, as well as activities to develop large and small motor skills.

The toddlers have their own Activities Calendar which keeps parents up to date with the activities and theme for each day.

On the days when weather permits, your children may spend some time outdoors. Perhaps you have seen our oversized wagon (fitted with safety belts) on the way to the park. Hey, even two-year-olds need a change of scenery!


The safety of our children is always our top priority. We provide clean, well-maintained equipment. While some larger items may be shared, every piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized on a regular basis.

Our Toddler rooms often have waiting lists for children. See our Enrollment Section for more information.